Saturday, 9 November 2013

My family trip to Langkawi =)

It has been quite awhile since the last time we went on a family trip. We decided to go to Langkawi for 4 days 3 nights. It was my first family visit in Langkawi and we agreed to go there via Air Asia with their promo-seat-sale. And man, the flight took us by surprise! It was like we just went on board to watch the pre-flight safety demonstration by the crew, went up at 11,000 feet for few minutes and then the plane took its smooth touchdown at the Langkawi airport at +- 30 minutes. Hence, we reach Langkawi at 8.30pm on the same day (Monday).

While in KLIA II =)
The place to stay..the villa =)
The first place we stop right after we land is Federal @ Holiday Villa and after fresh up, we drove around to hunt for food. The next day, we go to the Island Hoping package where you are be able to go to several island such as "Dayang Bunting" and "Beras Basah".

We are excited!!

Smile in the boat =D

My Abah (daddy) in his pink shirt..
Dayang Bunting..

Macam sweet jer..Macam sweet jer..haha!

The best part before we left the boat is the eagle feeding activity and guess what.. Eagle-Feeding is one of the must-do things in Langkawi. It will be your best magical moment, ever! Where else on earth that you can cast your magic and summon the wild eagles to you? 

"Oh..eagles of the sea. Come to me and bite this munchy offering!" Hahaha!!

Turn to the next day, we go to several places and let the pictures talk..

While we are in Makam Mahsuri .

The cable car tickets..

<3 My parents <3

Auuww!! She is too cute..

My sister's family.

 It was a great time being together, though it's tiring. We checked out from the hotel at 11am and going back to KL via Air Asia flight again..Bye Bye Langkawi.. We hope to be back again...

Thursday, 7 November 2013

My Final Year Project (Post no 1)

I am currently in final year of my degree study..Where?? kat mana lagi..UniKL BMI lar..Hence, i'm force to choose and work on my FYP project through this year and I gladly to share everything (80% jer kot) in this blog. First is my project title which is " A development of smart ECG machine using visual basic for education". Second is my super supervisor..haaa...sape erk?? He is Dr. Ahmad Sabry Mohamad n I would like to share his picture too (shhhhh.....dia tak tau pon pasal blog ni).

Why I choose smart ECG machine for my final year project (FYP)?

The electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG) is a diagnostic tool that measures and records the electrical activity of the heart in exquisite detail over time by means of capturing and recording it externally by skin electrodes. Research has shown that regular ECG based heart screening significantly reduces the risk of sudden cardiac death. Meanwhile, as for the education view, this smart and portable ECG device is a gateway to better understanding of the heart's electrical patterns and to overcome a problem which is most of the students can not afford to own it or to do self practical.

With this smart ECG machine, heart readings can be taken any time symptoms appear, from anywhere including at home, the office, the gym, or in remote areas which are currently inaccessible to the common ECG machines found in hospitals and clinics. "How about the cost??" You don't have to worry about the price tag because I will make sure it is affordable. "Cool !!"

Are you still curious about this project?? Keep calm and stay tune because I will share and post more on how to build it by your own. Hence, we can DIY (do it yourself) together!! =)

Friday, 17 May 2013

My Love Letter

Dear blog...

You will not see me for 3 days 2 nights because I will be OFF for a vacation with my friends to the east coast of Malaysia, nearby the border of Kelantan and in the territory of besut, Terengganu... fuhhh..where is it?? Ahaha...Perhentian island lar..and I cant wait to get there...ouch!!! 

Its kind of victory celebration after finish our final year exam battle. Tapi kan kite (me and my blog) memang lame tak jumpe pon n its actually since last year..owh no!!! My bad..Maaf yer bcoz through this semester i'm a little bit loss in my study stuff. It's going up and down (mostly = down). Hence i did a little thinking and realized that I have to go somewhere.

For that I have to send my sincere gratitude and credit for SHE club  (Mr Advisor, Mr president, Mr vice president, and all members) of UniKL BMI for make it become real with collaboration of Electrical club.

 I really hope that even this short vacation will be enough to recharge my battery and that I will come back refreshed to my hometown in JB and ready to step forward for my short semester battle. The bad news is after that we will meet my truly enemy and your competitor as well, who is EXAM.. Emmm...and I'm really sorry dear.. because i'm always choose him compared with you..I dont know what to do for you in my bz day but for my special persons (especially my parents), I tend do some thing for them. 

Sorry my little friend (my blog) and till we meet again I do promise you something which is we will never be separate again. I will meet you every month even i'm not post anything for you.. Love.. Sincere..

~Nurrin Lyza~ 

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Colours of my life

When I'm with my family..Together with my lovely parents, sibling and naughty niece..I feel like I have a perfect life..That may sound overbearing to some people but in fact,the old saying that "the love of family and friends is much more important than wealth and privilege" (Wait!! to me, money is important too =P)

They are my Parents..i love u both =)

For my parents..Your grown up child is an adult now..huhu (dah tua pon)..It's remarkable how fast those years has gone by and I know I have lost count of the number on how much they care about me..There is no better feeling for me than to have your arm hugging me..Walaupun anak mereka agak nakal and degil SIKIT =P

They are my niece..from left..Mustakim,Rafiq,Nureen and Nisa..

My beautiful memory with my classmate..kami semua BAIK2 =P
My school-time?? I'm in Sekolah Menengah Teknik Tuanku Jaafar..Hee..being in hostel life,it taught me a lot about the REAL life..No more parents to nagging me..ups..maksudnyer dah takde sape2 nak bg nasihat..Waktu skolah dulu byk main2..but in badminton, while in form 5, dpt main badminton sampai peringkat negeri taw..huuu..but in study..biasa2 jer =(

In the university?? 

Upsss..ade orang plak kat sebelah kiri..sorry..
She is one of my best friend..yg lain jgn jeles ea..huhu.
Start from diploma to degree..Its takes 6 years to go..Pejam celik..pejam celik celik celik..taraaaaaa!!! dah 4 taun kat UniKL BMI tu..That means lg 2 tahun lagi utk bekerja..InsyaAllah..walaupun sgt lambat dr kawan2 yg lain and whatever it takes, I will still say "Alhamdulillah" =)

NO3!! Ni bukan gambar bertunang..hee..this is pic of me and kak ainey masa annual dinner (my diploma roomate)
In degree..lain plak ceritanyer..encik mirul pon dah ke UK..I kat sini kenal ramai orang..mcm2 perangai n personaliti..yg pasti dpt ramai kawan baru..one of them ade yg pemalu tp sgt bijak..ssh nk jumpe..hahaha..masyam =P

Ni waktu kelas ape ea..tak ingat lar =P

Mcm2 kan..Just brightening your day with meaningful thing, then you can have a wonderful life and memory as well..Jika hidup kita dilanda BADAI..Don't tell Allah how big is your storm is..but tell your storm how big is Allah is..

Tu jer utk harini (rajin plak update blog)...May Allah bless us..insyaAllah..jumpe lg taw!! Assalamualaikum =)

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Jodoh tu rahsia Allah..

Salam readers!!!!

To those who are following me.. I’m sorry cos I haven’t been posting or on blogging in the past couple of months, I’ve been busy with study and I spend this semester break with my family stuff..my holiday activity??? urmmm....try to make all sorts of yummy foods to eat with my family..N now..try to get my tune back..yippie !!!!

Ups!!! Lets get back to the topic..huhu.
Mesti korang pnah baca benda ni kan...


"Jika Allah sudah takdirkan sesuatu itu untuk kita, walau seluruh alam ini menghalang kita dari mendapatkannya, kita tetap akan dapat memilikinya dengan apa cara sekalipun. Namun, jika Allah sudah takdirkan jika sesuatu itu bukan untuk kita, walau seisi alam ini membantu untuk mendapatkannya, kita tetap tidak akan memilikinya."

Subhanallah..Hebat kuasa Allah kan..

But..we have to remember that..Allah is the most merciful!!! Ya..semua tahu setiap yang berlaku memang sudah tercatat di loh mahfuz sejak awal dahulu lagi..semua juga perlu tahu yg Allah boleh menukarnya jika Allah berkehendak untuk berbuat demikian. Kun fayakun (Jadilah, maka jadilah)..

Doa adalah pengharapan, untuk memohon segala kehendak mahupun keinginan yang tersirat daripada Allah s.w.t agar diperkenankan. Sebagai seorang muslim, teruskan berdoa setiap waktu, kerana doa itu mampu mengubah takdir Allah s.w.t. Jangan mudah berputus asa sekiranya apa yang kita pinta itu belum diberikanNya. Bersabar dan redha atas apa jua yang ditakdirkan buat kita. Sebagaimana firman Allah s,.w.t dalam Surah Al-Ghafir ayat 60 yg bermaksud “ Berdoalah kamu kepada-Ku nescaya Aku akan memperkenankan (doa) kamu.

Persoalannya..sejauh mana kekuatan kita..n sampai bila harus menunggu sesuatu yg belum pasti kepunyaan kita..tabahkan hati2 kami ya Allah =(

But 1 thing to remember....

When ALLAH test you,
It is never destroy u,
When He removes something in your possession,
It is (only) in order to empty your hands, for an even greater gift,


Thursday, 24 May 2012

Freemason in Malaysia...watch out!!

I heard about it before through my friends..n Im wondering...emm..what is freemason?? What its all about.. why we need to avoid n beware with its influence...why why why??? Hence the investigation begin..hee =D
Start with this...syiling baru kat msia..TERlepas pandang kot..

Ni baru syiling 10sen..yg lain2 pon ada..
If u wanna c more just clicks at this


Pertubuhan Freemason di Malaysia adalah didaftar di bawah Akta Pertubuhan 1966. Pada tahun 1977 ia mempunyai 55 perkumpulan (lodges) dan 2,984 ahli. Malah ketika menjawab soalan Tuan Guru Nik Abdul Aziz (PAS-Pengkalan Chepa) di parlimen pada 25 Oktober 1978, Datuk Husein Onn berkata Kerajaan hingga kini tidak bercadang untuk mengharamkan pertubuhan (Freemason) itu.Walaupun mengakui ianya bercanggah dengan aqidah Islam dan ramai golongan elit dan berpengaruh dari kalangan umat Islam negara ini yang menyertainya.

Freemasonry serta tunjang Zionisme telah lama bertapakdi Malaysia. Freemasonry dikatakan telah berselindung di sebalik gerakan keagamaan di Malaysia. Hakikatnya,mereka membawa masyarakat ke arah kebebasan serta kehidupan anti-Tuhan. Kajian secara terperinci perlu dilaksanakan terhadap kewujudan Freemasonry diMalaysia.

Antara bukti kewujudan Freemasonry adalah;
1.Gerakan Sisters In Islam
2.Agama Kerajaan Langit Ayah Pin
3.Fahaman Sosialisme dan Komunisme
4.Islam Liberal
5.Gereja antiKhatolik (tidak semua)
6.Sistem politik demokrasi British

Fremasonry adalah gerakan rahsia Yahudi untuk menghancurkan agama-agama dan bangsa lain di dunia untukmenjadikan bangsa Yahudi sebagai penguasa tunggal dunia. Baik Islam,Kristian,Hindu atau sebarang agama sekalipun,Freemasonry akan cuba menyerap kedalamnya dan merosakkan nilai-nilai baik setiap agama. 'jew is threat to human civilization' Zionisme dan Freemasonry adalah nadi yahudi hari ini dan formula mereka mewujudkan negara Israel Raya.

Israel Raya bukan hanya sekitar Gaza...tetapi seluruh dunia. 'Bangsa-bangsa lain hanyalah haiwan peliharaan kaum yahudi'. Maka tiada satu bangsa pun akan terlepas daripada mata Zionisme 'the all seen eyes'...walau sekecil mana sekalipun...termasuk bangsa Melayu.

Sejarah di Malaysia.
Sekitar tahun 1930 - 1950 Freemason pernah mendapatkan penganutnya daripada murid-murid nakal Malay College KualaKangsar,Perak yang sering melanggar peraturan. Golongan pelajar ini telah bertemu dengan seorang British setiapkali mereka 'mencuri keluar' dari asrama. Mereka sentiasa berlindung di rumah warga British tersebut dan disanalah mereka didekati oleh Freemasonry.

Warga British berkenaan merupakan penganut veteran Freemasonry dan dia memperkenalkan anak-anak muda tersebut kepada gerakan rahsia itu dari A hingga Z. Kebetulan,di MCKK sendiri terdapat golongan pengajar yang kebanyakannya warga Britain ketika itu merupakan pengikut Freemasonry.Wallahua'lam..

Try to look at this ya..semua KEBETULAN kot..Wallahua'lam..

 Kat UMT plak..

 In putrajaya..



Sunday, 1 April 2012

Fuhh...Skytrek !!!! This is awesome =D

First is kredit to OPKIM..Sky trekking or jungle trekking in the sky..huu...memang best!!! Korang mesti cube..Enjoyed the skytrek session, but didn’t take photo of the challenges as I don't want to take any  risk 14 and up to 17 meters above ground level. So sume gambar ni dari internet.maap yer...Rasa takut tu mmg ade, since pakai harness lg dah cuak..but after training session i feel so excited..alhamdulillah sbb smua selamat =)
Ni lar map Skytrex kami..Kami g yang Big trill punyer..RM40.50 after less..
After purchase glove for rm3, wear the harness and the training session, what I have in mind is our best friend is two carabineers (long n short) and the pulley, the instructor stressed out that we should always put them at the right place and at the right time!!! Theory must come with practical...erkkkk..aku tak nak mula dulu..so I just at the middle of my group..why??? rase selamat kot kat tengah2...hehe..
Real Height of the Real Thing that we were suppose to climb on! Siyes penat..
Then turn right to walk in this thing..Ni best sikit =)
Zig zag make my head left n right..slowly..feeeuuuww..

See this BIG picture..it show how BIG is this trek ADVENTURE..tempat paling takut..fuhhh!
My thought after this trip???
 Emm..The trip taught me to keep the tenacity and courage to go through all the challenges. There is NO TURNING BACK for sky trekking once you have start..You either DO IT when you are up there or WAIT for RESCUE..ok lah..dah jam 9pm nie..nak wat assignment pulak..besok kelas pagi..tada..n thanks for reading this ya..wassalam.