Sunday, 1 April 2012

Fuhh...Skytrek !!!! This is awesome =D

First is kredit to OPKIM..Sky trekking or jungle trekking in the sky..huu...memang best!!! Korang mesti cube..Enjoyed the skytrek session, but didn’t take photo of the challenges as I don't want to take any  risk 14 and up to 17 meters above ground level. So sume gambar ni dari internet.maap yer...Rasa takut tu mmg ade, since pakai harness lg dah cuak..but after training session i feel so excited..alhamdulillah sbb smua selamat =)
Ni lar map Skytrex kami..Kami g yang Big trill punyer..RM40.50 after less..
After purchase glove for rm3, wear the harness and the training session, what I have in mind is our best friend is two carabineers (long n short) and the pulley, the instructor stressed out that we should always put them at the right place and at the right time!!! Theory must come with practical...erkkkk..aku tak nak mula dulu..so I just at the middle of my group..why??? rase selamat kot kat tengah2...hehe..
Real Height of the Real Thing that we were suppose to climb on! Siyes penat..
Then turn right to walk in this thing..Ni best sikit =)
Zig zag make my head left n right..slowly..feeeuuuww..

See this BIG picture..it show how BIG is this trek ADVENTURE..tempat paling takut..fuhhh!
My thought after this trip???
 Emm..The trip taught me to keep the tenacity and courage to go through all the challenges. There is NO TURNING BACK for sky trekking once you have start..You either DO IT when you are up there or WAIT for RESCUE..ok lah..dah jam 9pm nie..nak wat assignment pulak..besok kelas pagi..tada..n thanks for reading this ya..wassalam.


  1. naik yg mana..big thrill ke atau yg extreme..?

    1. The big thrill..abg shah dah g ea?? msti amek yg extreme kan..then,tgk baby girl bangah tak? =)