Thursday, 6 December 2012

Colours of my life

When I'm with my family..Together with my lovely parents, sibling and naughty niece..I feel like I have a perfect life..That may sound overbearing to some people but in fact,the old saying that "the love of family and friends is much more important than wealth and privilege" (Wait!! to me, money is important too =P)

They are my Parents..i love u both =)

For my parents..Your grown up child is an adult now..huhu (dah tua pon)..It's remarkable how fast those years has gone by and I know I have lost count of the number on how much they care about me..There is no better feeling for me than to have your arm hugging me..Walaupun anak mereka agak nakal and degil SIKIT =P

They are my niece..from left..Mustakim,Rafiq,Nureen and Nisa..

My beautiful memory with my classmate..kami semua BAIK2 =P
My school-time?? I'm in Sekolah Menengah Teknik Tuanku Jaafar..Hee..being in hostel life,it taught me a lot about the REAL life..No more parents to nagging me..ups..maksudnyer dah takde sape2 nak bg nasihat..Waktu skolah dulu byk main2..but in badminton, while in form 5, dpt main badminton sampai peringkat negeri taw..huuu..but in study..biasa2 jer =(

In the university?? 

Upsss..ade orang plak kat sebelah kiri..sorry..
She is one of my best friend..yg lain jgn jeles ea..huhu.
Start from diploma to degree..Its takes 6 years to go..Pejam celik..pejam celik celik celik..taraaaaaa!!! dah 4 taun kat UniKL BMI tu..That means lg 2 tahun lagi utk bekerja..InsyaAllah..walaupun sgt lambat dr kawan2 yg lain and whatever it takes, I will still say "Alhamdulillah" =)

NO3!! Ni bukan gambar bertunang..hee..this is pic of me and kak ainey masa annual dinner (my diploma roomate)
In degree..lain plak ceritanyer..encik mirul pon dah ke UK..I kat sini kenal ramai orang..mcm2 perangai n personaliti..yg pasti dpt ramai kawan baru..one of them ade yg pemalu tp sgt bijak..ssh nk jumpe..hahaha..masyam =P

Ni waktu kelas ape ea..tak ingat lar =P

Mcm2 kan..Just brightening your day with meaningful thing, then you can have a wonderful life and memory as well..Jika hidup kita dilanda BADAI..Don't tell Allah how big is your storm is..but tell your storm how big is Allah is..

Tu jer utk harini (rajin plak update blog)...May Allah bless us..insyaAllah..jumpe lg taw!! Assalamualaikum =)

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