Friday, 17 May 2013

My Love Letter

Dear blog...

You will not see me for 3 days 2 nights because I will be OFF for a vacation with my friends to the east coast of Malaysia, nearby the border of Kelantan and in the territory of besut, Terengganu... fuhhh..where is it?? Ahaha...Perhentian island lar..and I cant wait to get there...ouch!!! 

Its kind of victory celebration after finish our final year exam battle. Tapi kan kite (me and my blog) memang lame tak jumpe pon n its actually since last year..owh no!!! My bad..Maaf yer bcoz through this semester i'm a little bit loss in my study stuff. It's going up and down (mostly = down). Hence i did a little thinking and realized that I have to go somewhere.

For that I have to send my sincere gratitude and credit for SHE club  (Mr Advisor, Mr president, Mr vice president, and all members) of UniKL BMI for make it become real with collaboration of Electrical club.

 I really hope that even this short vacation will be enough to recharge my battery and that I will come back refreshed to my hometown in JB and ready to step forward for my short semester battle. The bad news is after that we will meet my truly enemy and your competitor as well, who is EXAM.. Emmm...and I'm really sorry dear.. because i'm always choose him compared with you..I dont know what to do for you in my bz day but for my special persons (especially my parents), I tend do some thing for them. 

Sorry my little friend (my blog) and till we meet again I do promise you something which is we will never be separate again. I will meet you every month even i'm not post anything for you.. Love.. Sincere..

~Nurrin Lyza~ 

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