Saturday, 29 October 2011

Miss u puss in boots..welcome back!!!!

Cerita dia nie bermula long before he even met Shrek..The cast sees the return of Antonio Banderas as Puss as well as Salma Hayek turning up as his kitty cat love interest..rin jumpe dia pon kt shrek film..he keep getting bigger kat shrek 4..without him n donkey film shrek tu mst tak best, they made some funny moment..best2....ingat lg..the best part is " donkey can i borrow your tongue??" haha..mase tgk shrek 4 tu rin g ngan abg2 tersyg, bangah and jiloy..diaorg pon layan jugak criter mcm nie..boleh release tension kot.. 
 The sword fighting cat's nie mmg cute..love it!!


Now puss come back with mastermind Humpty Dumpty and the street savvy kitty.. filem mesti tonton nie..nak ajak saper teman ea..huhu..trailer dah tgk byk kali..tp if g cinema sekali jela kot =P

Jom ramai2 tgk..manelah tau dpt jumpe christ miller plak..huhu..Im fan of Puss in Boots..meeaaooowwww!!! =D

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